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Principles of Solid Dosage Forms

a graduated flask and cylindrical flask for solid dosage forms

The Principles of Solid Dosage Forms short course is an online course with live and recorded components.  There are 6 live weekly sessions designed for the student/faculty interaction.  Prior to the first session, and in between the remaining sessions the students will be assigned recorded lectures that will provide the basis of the live discussion for that session.

Two key traits of solid dosage forms of drugs are solubility and stability. Insoluble or unstable drugs slow down the approval of drugs. This course covers the “a to z” of solid dosage forms from screening and selection to manufacturing. You will go over specific examples to learn the importance of various concepts.

Some of the concepts covered in this course are

  • particle size and morphology
  • mixing and blending
  • flow and compaction
  • hygroscopicity and dissolution rates
  • biopharmaceutics
  • release mechanisms

The course also addresses specific issues in the manufacturing of tablets and capsules. To keep up with latest updates, there will also be a discussion on emerging and standard formulations.

The tools and concepts in this course will help you and your team optimize solid dosage forms. This course is part of the Drug Product Development Certificate. It fulfills one elective. Take the course as is or as part of the certificate. Scientists who plan to expand their understanding of solid dosage forms should take this course.

This course will be offered in the spring of 2023.

Developed & Conducted by the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development, School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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