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List of Current Fall Distance Learning Experience (FDLE) Offerings

Updates in Respiratory Diseases

Keep up with the latest therapies for a variety of respiratory Diseases.

Ends October 1, 2023

2017 FDLE - New Drug Therapies | Woman looking through microscope

Appropriate Use of Opioids and Other Misused Drugs

Help combat the opioid crisis with this relevant course on preventing and managing prescription drug misuse.

Ends September 11, 2021

FDLE 2018 Opioids | A variety of pills

Mental Health Pharmacotherapy

Millions of Americans live with various types of mental illness and mental health problems. Learn about the updates on the pharmacotherapy of psychiatric drugs for a variety of conditions.

Ends September 10, 2022

An older person's hand gripping a tennis ball. A caregiver is holding the hand.