Division of Pharmacy Professional Development – Your Learning Destination

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Welcome! If you are a pharmacist, pharmacy technician and/or a pharmaceutical industry scientist seeking professional development and continuing education opportunities, then you are in the right place!

The Division of Pharmacy Professional Development (DPPD):

  • Is a Division within the highly regarded/ranked University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Pharmacy (consistently one of the top 5 schools of pharmacy)
  • Has over 60 years of experience in assessing learning needs, developing educational programs to meet those needs, and conducting educational programs throughout the US and internationally to enhance the knowledge/skills of its target audiences.
  • Is the largest academic provider of pharmacy continuing education and professional development in the US
Our goal is to be a primary component in your pursuit of learning through knowledge acquisition and skill development. 


Pharmacist counceling

Keeping pharmacists up-to-date

Live programs
Web-based programs

Pharmaceutical Industry

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Theory, application, innovation and networking: from chemistry to patient

Live programs
Custom-designed courses
Web-based programs

Pharmacy Technicians

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Essential training for
pharmacy technicians

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Web-based programs