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Updates in Diabetes

updates in diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control 9.3% (29 million people) of the population have diabetes in the United States, and of that number, 8 million are undiagnosed.   As the population ages, this number will continue to grow.  Pharmacists in all settings need to stay up-to-date in the latest developments for therapies for patients with diabetes as well as strategies to help improve lifestyle choices. 

Diabetes affects more than the elderly, and severe health complications can result during pregnancy if the mother has diabetes for both the mother and child. 

This eight-lecture program encompasses a wide variety of topics to provide you with practical information that you will be able to use in your practice. 

The program starts with an overview of new pharmacotherapeutic agents in the diabetes pipeline and is followed by a discussion of diabetic retinopathy.  The series continues with a practical discussion of management of diabetes in older adults.  Obesity is an issue in the United States, and many patients with diabetes are obese.  The session covering pharmacotherapy for obesity will provide valuable insight. 

One means of managing diabetes is through the use of medication therapy management (MTM) and you will hear about one pharmacy’s efforts and successes in this area.  Because kidney health is impacted by diabetes you will learn strategies to minimize kidney damage.  Likewise, because a proper diet is crucial for a healthy life you were learn counseling strategies for positive lifestyle and dietary behaviors. 

Finally you will learn about the management of diabetes during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Successful completion of this course will provide you with 12 (1.2 CEUs) hours of ACPE accredited continuing education credit.  Though there is a lot of material, you are able to complete this course at your own pace and start/stop/rewind lectures at your convenience.  This program is designed for the busy pharmacist who requires flexibility in completing CE while balancing a demanding work/life balance.

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