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Non-Vaccine Injection Medication Administration in an Inpatient Setting

Non-vaccine injection This medication administration instructional program is intended to teach pharmacists who work in the inpatient setting how to administer medications in an emergent situation. Inpatient settings that may benefit from having pharmacists trained in medication administration include the emergency department and critical care units to expedite safe and appropriate treatment of patients through timely medication administration. This program will teach you how to administer emergent medications by the intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous, intraosseous, and intranasal routes pursuant to a prescriber’s order and with consent and awareness of the primary nurse in charge of a patient.  Following the lecture and video demonstrations, you will work with your hospital’s nurse educator and demonstrate proficiency with the various injection techniques. A sheet (provided in course materials) signed by the nurse indicating proficiency must be provided to DPPD in order to obtain CE credit.

There are no current offerings of this course

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Program Coordinator

Eric Buxton, PhD

Division of Pharmacy Professional Development
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