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Annual Bioanalytical Conference (July Land O’ Lakes)

Land O' Lakes Pharmaceutical Bioanalytical Conference

The Land O’Lakes Conferences are recognized worldwide as one of the premier teaching conferences for pharmaceutical scientists. The July Land O’Lakes Bioanalytical Conference is a three-day conference is to discuss issues and applications associated with the analysis of xenobiotics, metabolites, biologics and biomarkers in biological matrices. The conference is designed to include and encourage an open exchange of scientific and methodological applications for bioanalysis. To increase the interactive nature of the conference, the program is a mixture of lectures, interactive discussions and a poster session.

Second Annual July Devil’s Head Memorial Golf Outing

For those who enjoyed the golf when the Land O’Lakes Conference was offered at the rustic Devil’s Head Resort; there is now a chance to bring back fond memories and join other former partners for the second annual golf outing being offered immediately prior to the start of the conference on Monday afternoon at
Pleasant View Golf Course

 For more information on the Golf Outing contact Jim De Muth at

There are no current offerings of this course

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Program Coordinator

Erik Burns, MBA, EdD

Course Coordinator
Division of Pharmacy Professional Development
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