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CMC Project Team Leadership October 2023

The Science, Principles, and Practices for Successful Teams

Effective CMC Project Team Leadership is essential for successful drug development projects. This course provides project management and leadership training for aspiring project team leaders. It is also suitable for current project team leaders who wish to enhance their team success.

This course covers effective leadership skills in the context of CMC development. You will learn team dynamics to improve performance. You will also develop project management skills and decision-making skills.

Three adults in attending a the CMC Project Team Leadership course at UW-Madison

In addition to leadership skills, the course also covers regulatory compliance and quality assurance. You will learn to plan candidate advancement to Phase I and beyond. You will anticipate FDA requirements and other considerations in testing, packaging, and labeling.

This course is part of the Drug Product Development Certificate. It fulfills one of three required courses. We encourage scientists who wish to advance into leadership to take this course.

This program has been developed and will be presented in cooperation with the Zeeh Pharmaceutical Experiment Station in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

There are no current offerings of this course

Please contact the program coordinator for more information.

Program Coordinator

Eric Buxton, PhD

Division of Pharmacy Professional Development
777 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705
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