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Cardiovascular Physiology, Pharmacology and Safety

A Practical Review

Knowledge of the cardiovascular physiology, pharmacology, and safety is a key to moving drug projects forward. A drug development scientist must also understand cardiovascular receptor pharmacology.

Image of heart Cardiovascular Physiology, Pharmacology and Safety

This course will provide pharmacological strategies for management and correction of cardiovascular diseases. You will also learn safety issues associated with the cardiovascular system. At the end of this course, you will have a cardiovascular system “toolbox” at your disposal. This will help you make smart decisions based on proven science and avoid common pitfalls.

All course modules are 100% online and webinar-based. You may attend a live webinar or listen to a recording later. Prerecorded lectures are also available on demand. Course materials include case studies based on real life scenarios.

This course is part of the Applied Drug Development Certificate. It fulfills one elective. You may take the course as is or as part of the certificate.

Developed & Conducted by the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development, School of Pharmacy, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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